Happy Easter!

Even though looking out of the window it looks more like a Christmas typical weather, believe it or not, Easter is coming! In Slovakia there are many nice traditions connected to Easter, but there are some other interesting ones also in our countries.

For example Bulgaria, being an Orthodox Christian country, will not celebrate Easter next Sunday, but on May 5th (lucky them, as it’s highly likely that they will have no snow!). Vessy told us about their celebrations, and I find really interesting the tradition that people walk around the church three times with lit candles in their hands. According to this tradition, if people have no sins, the candles will not go out. To that, Vessy also added that sometimes people use special strategies to protect candles from wind 😉

Another important element of Bulgarian Easter are painted eggs. Check out this nice video about beautifully painted eggs.

In Italy Easter celebrations start on Friday with a procession commemorating the Passion. On Sunday families get together and eat lamb and other traditional food which change in every region. In my family we always have torta pasqualina, a salty cake with artichokes, eggs and ricotta cheese. At the end of the meal, we normally eat a dove-shaped cake called colomba (which means dove) and children (but also grown-up children 🙂 ) get big chocolate eggs with a surprise inside.

On Easter Monday, which we call Pasquetta (small Easter) people normally go for a trip and do outdoor activities. As I come from Southern Italy, on Easter Monday people from my region often go to the seaside. Of course, being in Slovakia, this year I will definitely have to change my plan 🙂

In the sun or in the snow happy Easter to everybody!