Presentations in Tisovec

As we announced some days ago in our blog, last Friday CVČ-JUNIOR EVS volunteers Vessy and Manu held a presentation in Secondary Specialized School Tisovec with students specialising in graphic design and management of regional tourism. Despite the far-from-ideal weather and road conditions, we went to Tisovec and had a great time 🙂

DSCF0862For students specialising in management of regional tourism, Vessy and Manu prepared and held presentations about their countries in English. In particular, Vessy spoke about the history and the beauties of Bulgaria and Manu focused on Puglia, her region of origin in Southern Italy. After the presentations, the students asked some questions about how Christmas is celebrated in Bulgaria and Italy and about the differences in the school system. In the meantime, Andy, our coordinator, held a presentation in Slovak about eco-graffiti prepared by Dan for the graphic design students.

We really enjoyed preparing the presentations and we think that they were interesting for students at least for two reasons: because we talked about our countries from a inside point of view (which in our opinion is much more appealing than simply reading a tour guide 🙂 ) and because we spoke in English, which sometimes was perhaps challenging, but no doubt useful.

After the presentations, we had some teambuilding, during which we had a lot of fun and we saw how important it is to communicate and collaborate in a group.

We would like to thank Professor Pastýrová for inviting us and the students for listening to our presentations and participating in our activities. We hope to see you again soon 🙂

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