Some ideas for simple and funny handicrafts for children: the octopus

In the past, I spoke about a very nice activity that we did in Divadlo z Pasáže. Today, I would like to speak about some other nice handicrafts we did in Špeciálna Základná Škola in Sásová, with a group of about 15 children with special needs and of different age: I’ll speak about how to do octopuses from toilet paper rolls.

But first of all, let’s see what we need to make them:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • watercolours or any other colours
  • markers
  • paint brushes
  • a plastic glass and a cloth if you use watercolours
  • scissors

And now let’s start!

First of all we decorated the toilet rolls: every child drew the eyes and the mouth and painted the octopuses as they liked. The children proved very creative, as each octopus was absolutely unique! Then, we waited until the octopuses were dry (with watercolours it just took a couple of minutes). When they were dry, with scissors we cut small vertical stripes until about half the height the octopuses. Finally, we rolled each stripe around the paint brush to make them seem similar to the octopus’ tentacles. That’s it!

For the children it was really funny, but to be honest not just for them 😉