Let’s finger-paint!

Last week was for me quite unusual as my mum came for a visit to celebrate Easter. We travelled a bit throughout Slovakia, we ate some Slovak specialities and cooked Italian Easter traditional dishes.

Since my mum worked for many years with people with special needs, I asked her to join us on our weekly session with Divadlo z Pasáže. Given her experience, I also asked her to suggest which activity we should do, and her suggestion was finger-painting. Basically, her idea was to draw a tree and then ask all the actors to draw what’s on it – flowers, leaves, animals – and paint them with temperas, but instead of using paint brushes, they would use their fingers. Finally they stick what they had painted on the tree.

To avoid spilling temperas on the clothes (but, to be honest, also to make it funnier 🙂 ) we also wore big garbage bags with holes for the head and the arms as aprons. Of course we didn’t manage to prevent all “accidents” 🙂

Janko and my mum

Janko and my mum

This is the result, but of course the most important thing was that we had a lot of fun. I hope that this idea will be also useful to somebody else 🙂