English Classes at Sasova Community Centre

While we are engaged in a number of stimulating and challenging activities at CVČ – JUNIOR, perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of my EVS project has been the opportunity to host weekly English classes at a community centre in Sasova. Personally, it’s the most rewarding regular activity that I participate on.318403_272338622876189_593574197_n

One of the most enjoyable parts of my week is preparing the classes, because I have the freedom to choose interesting topics. Topics have included art, sport, food and different aspects of British culture. Being able to choose different topics in a flexible way means that, each week, I can easily change the classes to practice specific skills that I think the people who come will most need, such as reading, listening, speaking and writing. The classes are also very informal and people usually work together in pairs and small groups, for example, last week, pairs of people had to draw each others portraits, which practiced peoples speaking and listening skills and led to a lot of laughter at the final results.

Currently, the class takes place every Thursday evening for an hour and a half and about six or seven people of very different ages and backgrounds come each week, this makes the classes small, intimate, interesting and friendly and also a lot of fun! The people who come really enjoy improving and practicing their English and feel very comfortable in the relaxed environment (it’s nothing like school!). The motivation and desire of the people who come, to practice their language skills, means that I have already seen a lot of progress in their confidence and ability to use English, which leaves me with a great feeling. It‘s also great to know that I am helping the local community in Sasova, by helping the people who live there to improve their skills and even their employability.

I hope that there is a lot more progress in the future and that I’ll see many more people visit the centre over the coming months.


WHERE: Komunitné Centrum Sásova, Tatranská 10, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

WHEN: Thursday (16:30 – 18:00)

FEES: As an EVS volunteer, I work for free. The community centre charges participants €1 per lesson