200 hearts for you :))

Soon have passed the 14th of February st.valentineor so-called “The Day Of The Love”. In this occasion we, the EVS volunteers in CVC – Junior, wanted to make a special surprise for you, the youngsters living in Banska Bystrica.

We have invested all our enthusiasm and fantasy to create 200 wonderful origami hearts which we distributed on the 14th of February. Actually the purpose of the campaign was to show the idea – St. Valentine, “The Day of the Love” (or whatever it is supposed to be called) should not be only once in an year. It should be every day and, what is more important, it should be for everybody. That is why we researched carefully in our resources and selected several best quotes from great people, promoting the idea we got – about the love, in all its aspects – not only the love between people in love, but also about friendship and humanity – values very important for all of us. The preparation was really good and full of a lot of fun, especially the origami workshop we organized. Than we got very valuable help from our friends – another EVS volunteers, but also AIESEC interns, living and working here in Banska Bystrica. So, it was very international, very inter cultural but also very comfortable for everybody.

On the day of the campaign everything was not quite as planned. (But as I always like to say – “Let things happen, but have a plan just in case they don’t happen naturally) We organized street action to give away to the people all the 200 hearts we have made and beside that we also offered free hugs for the more open ones. 🙂 Obviously the people really liked the origami valentines, which they can take home, so we gave all of them away much sooner than we expected. This made me really glad, because it showed us that we reached our aim – to make a nice surprise to the people, which surprise people would really like.

So I would like to say thank you to everybody who took a heart and gave us a smile in return!

I also would like to say again special thanks to the people, who made this campaign happen: Dan, Nadya, Alex, Vlad, Nara and Andy!

With a lot of love and hugs,