Third Literary Evening


Dear readers, the third Literary Evening is coming a bit later than usual but the waiting, I can promise, will be worthy. This time we have the pleasure to hold the meeting in ZÁHRADA – CENTRUM NEZÁVISLEJ KULTÚRY, the 18th at 18.00.

If you have any doubts about how to find the place, check their Facebook site or, as always, contact me via phone (0949491019), e-mail ( orFacebook.

Hope to see you all there!

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The Second Literary Evening

Literatura-HistoriaDear bloggers, the dinamics of the Literary Evenings have been slightly modified and instead of helding them once a month, we have decided to gather every two weeks. Due to this, the next meeting will take place tomorrow, at 17.00 (tea time, as per usual) in the Conference room of čentrum voľneho času. For those who don’t know the address, here I give a brief explanation:



The conference room is in the building of dormitory of SOŠ IT (Secondary specialised school of information technologies) at Tajovského 30 in Banská Bystrica. It has the bus stop ‘tajovskeho SOU’ just in from of the building (the one with the massive staircase in the front). You need to get to the 2nd floor and turn to the left and there you will find the conference room.

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The Literary Evenings of Banská Bystrica // Literárne večery v Banskej Bystrici

DSC_0027 (1)The 11th of February I had the pleasure to see how the first meeting of my personal project took place. As a part of our Voluntary Service, we have the option to develop an activity on our own. If you are either doing an EVS somewhere or considering it, I strongly recommend you to take this chance, for it’s a perfect oportunity to focus on what it interests you the most and create something valuable out of it.  Continue reading

The Literary Evenings of Banská Bystrica // Literárne večery v Banskej Bystrici


The literary evenings have been created with the main aim of owning a place where everyone can feel free to share pieces of art that, in one way or another, had an impact in their lives. In the warm and comfortable atmosphere of Divadlo z Pasáže we will be able to interact, offering each other new points of view and knowledge about different types of literature, culture and languages.

Unlike the usual way of organizing a literary meeting, we won’t select a piece of literature in advance to discuss about it. Our evenings try to encourage people to bring any kind of text (prose, poetry, essay, comic, haiku and a long et cetera) or piece of art (painting, song, short movie), preferably in their mother tongues with an official or non-official (depending on the capability and the availability of time of each person) translation into English. There is always the possibility of dispensing with the translation and go for a personal explanation of the context. Once everyone has fully understood the said piece, the rest of the participants are able to comment whatever they thought it was interesting or to offer any kind of information to the group.

This meetings will take place in a monthly basis, being the first encounter the ELEVENTH OF FEBRUARY at 17.00

More information, as well as a contact number and e-mail, can be found in here:



Literárne večery boli vytvorené s hlavným cieľom mať miesto, kde sa môže každý cítiť slobodný zdieľať umelecké diela, ktoré nejakým spôsobom ovplyvnili jeho/jej život. V pohostinnej a príjemnej atmosfére Divadla z pasáže budeme môcť vzájomne reagovať a ponúkať si nové pohľady a poznatky o rôznych druhoch literatúry, kultúry a jazykov.

Na rozdiel od obvyklého spôsobu organizovania literárnych stretnutí, nebudeme texty vyberať vopred, aby sme o nich potom diskutovali. Naše večery chcú podporiť ľudí, aby priniesli akúkoľvek literatúru (prózu, poéziu, esej, komiks, haiku, long, atď.) alebo iný artefakt (maľbu, pieseň, krátky film), najradšej v svojom materinskom jazyku, spolu s oficiálnym alebo neoficiálnym (v závislosti na schopnostiach a časových možnostiach každého) prekladom do angličtiny. Vždy je aj možnosť vyhnúť sa prekladu a nahradiť ho osobným vysvetlením kontextu. Po tom, ako každý porozumie odprezentovanému dielu, budú môcť účastníci komentovať čo ich na ňom zaujalo, alebo povedať skupine akékoľvek informácie.

Tieto stretnutia sa budú konať raz za mesiac, pričom to prvé budé JEDENÁSTEHO FEBRUÁRA o 17:00.

Viac informácií, ako aj kontaktné údaje nájdete na: