The Second Literary Evening

Literatura-HistoriaDear bloggers, the dinamics of the Literary Evenings have been slightly modified and instead of helding them once a month, we have decided to gather every two weeks. Due to this, the next meeting will take place tomorrow, at 17.00 (tea time, as per usual) in the Conference room of čentrum voľneho času. For those who don’t know the address, here I give a brief explanation:



The conference room is in the building of dormitory of SOŠ IT (Secondary specialised school of information technologies) at Tajovského 30 in Banská Bystrica. It has the bus stop ‘tajovskeho SOU’ just in from of the building (the one with the massive staircase in the front). You need to get to the 2nd floor and turn to the left and there you will find the conference room.

For more information about what is this about, just visit our facebook page:

or follor our blog, where we, moreover, publish all of the presented pieces plus some articles/reflections about them:

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