Dovidenia Slovensko :)

So, here we are… 10 months have already gone and it’s already time to pack and leave. In my case it won’t be really be a “Good bye”, but rather a “See you soon”, as my town in Italy is not that far away and I really fell in love with Slovakia, so I’m sure that I’ll come back every once in a while. Getting ready to go back home, I realised how heavier my “luggage” will be in comparison to how it was when I arrived here in October.



Most of the “weight” that I gained is due to the amazing people that I had the chance to meet in this special country, so that I even dare to call friends some of them.

Another big part of my “luggage” has been taken by the fantastic experiences that I made here, both in my working time and in my free time. As for the working time, I learnt a lot and I had a great time working with the staff of CVČ Junior, especially my coordinator; I was very happy to work with the actors from Divadlo z Pasáže, the children from the Special School in Sásová and the teachers and students from the schools where I had conversation classes or presentations; I’m really grateful to all those who made it possible to organise 2 LGBT movie nights, as I learnt a lot from this initiative.

As for my free time, I really enjoyed all the activities offered by this fantastic town and by Slovakia, as here I could do many things I love, as going hiking, going to the theatre and to concerts, watching good quality movies, travelling, meeting foreigners, getting to know new cultures and languages and I even went skiing for the first time in my life 🙂

My luggage will be heavier also because I’ll have to carry my violin, as in Slovakia I started learning playing it 🙂

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to gain such a lot through EVS. I wish all the best to the next volunteers who will come in October, but I’m sure that they will also have a great time.


4 thoughts on “Dovidenia Slovensko :)

  1. Manu, I am so happy that you are not really leaving…and our door is always open, as you know. After all, you cannot really leave, for you left here much of your work and maybe even a piece of your heart, I dare to say 🙂 Thank you very much, and of course see you !!

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Manu! :))

    Have a safe trip back home and hope to see you soon again in Slovakia (I am sure I will also get there someday, somehow :))

    • Thanks a lot Vessy for your reply and for all the nice moments together. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon either in Slovakia or somewhere else. All the best!

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