Some comments about our first movie night

Last Friday, to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia there was our first movie night against homophobia. We watched the French animated film Le baiser de la lune (to have more information about the film or to buy the DVD click here).

The film was released in 2010 with the aim of speaking about different forms of love with children of 9 to 11 years old, through the stories of Felix and Leon, two male fish who fall in love with each other, Agata, who’s waiting for her prince and the sun and the moon. As it’s easy to imagine, the release of a film with such an aim caused quite a big uproar in France.

I found out about the film about one year ago thanks to a French radio programme in which they interviewed the director (here’s the link). When we decided to organise some movie nights about homophobia, I immediately thought that I wanted to share with other people this special movie, so I got in touch with the director, Sébastien Watel, who immediately accepted, and we started preparing the subtitles.

The preparation of the subtitles was for me extremely interesting and rewarding because it’s something related to my big passion and work and as it was another opportunity for me to work on my Slovak.

But let’s go back to Friday. The movie night was very successful, even more successful than we expected 🙂 , because more than 30 people took part in the event and discussed about homophobia for about 2 hours. The discussion was for me really stimulating as, even though we didn’t all have the same opinion on some topics (and perhaps even more so), everybody was willing to exchange their views.

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The aim of this initiative is to fight against homophobia, but to achieve it, we don’t need to do any brain washing: we just need to discuss and share information, as I think that lack of information is at the root of all the forms of racism.

Thanks a lot to all the participants, I’m really glad that you came and shared with us your time and ideas! And also a big thank you goes to Sébastien Watel – the director of the film, Andy – my coordinator, Rado – from Amnesty International, Milan and Kristina – from Záhrada, the Interpreters and Translators University Agency (Tlmočnícka a prekladateľská spoločnosť FHV UMB), Stanka – our fantastic interpreter, Charlène – from Alliance Française, Martina – who helped me translate the subtitles and Vessy – who made the flyer.

See you on Friday June 14 at 6 pm in Záhrada for our next movie night against homophobia. We’ll watch Parents Reborn. I will soon post more information, stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Some comments about our first movie night

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