Eco Day in Community centre in Sásová

Last Wednesday in Banská Bystrica there was a special event dedicated to our beloved, but often neglected planet: the Eco Day (here’s all the information), organised by the community centre in Sásová, a suburb of the town.

390689_586127474744473_1244502199_nIt was an amazing day, full of interesting activities and of nice people. A day to get our hands dirty planting vegetables and painting abandoned tables and chairs, to discover how many healthy edible flowers and herbs spontaneously grow in our garden, to see how to cook a vegan goulash, to dance, to chat and… to have a great time 🙂 Here’s a video of the initiative.

321468_586125174744703_1774616135_nMy modest contribution to the event was a presentation about 10 simple ways to respect more our planet (2013_05_08 Eko-den). Most of the people I met during the eco day don’t really need to learn anything from me about environmental protection, rather the other way around, but I think that this is not enough: to make the difference really everybody should start becoming more aware of how important it is to respect our planet.


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