On May 17 our first movie night on LGBTI

On May 17, all around the world people will celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia. There will be many events aimed at raising awanereness among people on the rights of the LGBTI community. As far as I’m concerned, I feel really close to this cause, that’s way in February I took part in the living library organised by Amnesty International dedicated to the rights of sexual minorities and I proposed to organise a series of movie nights about this important and extremely topical issue.

The series of movie nights will start on May 17 at 6 pm in Záhrada Centre of Independent Culture (Námestie SNP 16, Banská Bystrica) with the French , animated film Le baiser de la lune (The Moon’s kiss). The film is about the story of Felix, a male fish, who falls in love with Leon, another male fish. Their love is impossible, especially because Agata the cat, Felix’s “grandmother”, would like Felix to get married with a female fish.


The film has been made to speak to children about a different form of love, but in my opinion, it deserves been watched by everyone. It just lasts 26 minutes and we will watch it in French with Slovak subtitles. After watching the film there will be a discussion. At the moment, the main language of the discussion will be Slovak, but we are thinking about asking for help to an interpreter. To take part in the movie night, you will not be asked to pay an admission fee, but you could make a voluntary offer which will go to Záhrada to cover electricity costs.

Here’s the trailer of the film in French and this is the event on Facebook. I also seize the opportunity to thank in advance our partners in the organisation of the event: Záhrada, University Group Amnesty International Banská Bystrica and Alliance Française Banská Bystrica.

I hope I’ll meet you all in Záhrada!


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