Learning the names of the animals in English

One of our weekly regular activity as EVS volunteers in CVČ-Junior is meeting the actors of Divadlo z Pasáže, a community-based theatre that works with people with mental disabilities. Every week we organise different activities with them, ranging from handicraft, to cooking, teaching simple words in our language and many more. (Here you can see some pictures from some or the activities we have prepared so far).

Today I would like to write about last week’s activity as I think it could be a good suggestion for somebody else, but above all because I really had a lot of fun 🙂

The aim of the activity was to teach the actors the names of some animals in English. So we selected about 10 among the most common animals and we prepared some domino cards with the pictures and the names of the animals (on different cards, because later we played domino with them, but I’ll go back to the game later).


Danka’s imitation of the lion

So we showed every actor / actress one of the pictures that we had prepared. His / her task was to imitate the animal in that picture with gestures and sounds, until the others understood which animal he / she was imitating. This part was extremely funny and the actors proved very creative in their imitations! Once the actors had understood the animal, Andy wrote the name both in Slovak and in English on the flipchart and then the group repeated the name several times in English with Dan.

In the last part of the activity, we played domino with the cards we had prepared: we randomly chose the first card (in which there was a picture of one animal and the name of a different animal) and then the actors, one after the other, had to find the card with the corresponding picture and name of the animals in the first card, and so forth until the end of the cards.


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