What’s the Language Cafe?

Language CafeAre you aware that in your town there is quite a big international community? If the answer is no and if you feel like meeting young people from many different countries to practice a foreign language, to get to know different cultures or just to enjoy a chat over a glass of beer, then probably the Language Cafe would suit you.

The Language Cafe is a really informal meeting organised every Thursday in Cult Club, where people meet up and chat. You will find there quite a lot of EVS Volunteers and AISEC interns from abroad, but also some Slovaks (at the moment a rare species!). I can tell you that thanks to the Language Cafe as soon as I arrived in Banská Bystrica I immediately got new friends and I have the opportunity to practice the languages I am interested in.

To have more information, just come to the Language Cafe or join the Facebook group.


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