EVS Christmas in Slovakia

The last year was unique – not only because of living our new life in
Slovakia, but also because of celebrations in this country. This is mostly valid for the Christmas.

It turned out, that for the holidays I and Dan didn’t go home and stayed here, in Banská Bystrica. So, we couldn’t have the traditional Christmas celebration with our families, but for sure we didn’t feel alone. Because there were some other people here, just like us – living here for a while and staying in Banská Bystrica for the holidays. Together we had our unique International Christmas celebration. Of course, it was not like having the traditional Christmas eve, we all are used to, but on its way it was really nice – who knows, when would we have again a Christmas dinner with people from England, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria at one place?

24 dec 2012

Our Christmas bread
According to the tradition it was decorated with: a cross, a sun, wheat, fence, sheep, chicken, grapes and apple. Could you find them? 😛

In my opinion the event was both – having fun and intercultural learning. I and Alex (my friend from Romania, who is an AIESEC intern in Banská Bystrica now) prepared the dinner. I was really surprised how similar the Christmas traditions are in Bulgaria and Romania (especially concerning the food :)). We had dinner consisting of: traditional Bulgarian Christmas bread, two types of salads, pork meal with sour cabbage, traditional Romanian Christmas roast with potatoes and spices and boiled wheat with honey and nuts. It was a challenge to bake the bread on my own and in the end it was suitable not only for eating (or it’s better to say “trying to eat it”) but also for a self-protection tool (in case anybody attacks you on the street :D). It was also interesting to discover that my perception of “salad” for sure is not the same like the one, which people coming from the UK or Italy have. But that’s how we had more topics for jokes and we had even much more fun. 🙂

Thinking back about it I could surely say that all my fears of having a Christmas away from home really didn’t come true and it was quite the opposite – I got a great time and I really enjoyed it. Somehow it enriched me with new experience, somehow reminded me again the old wisdom that in order to have a good time with people it is not about their nationality, it is about their personality – so this Christmas I really felt great with my new big happy family from all over the Europe. And for me the EVS Christmas in Slovakia was actually like EVS itself – you should dare to go out of the cosy home in order to find really amazing things, otherwise you can never even imagine they exist. 😉


3 thoughts on “EVS Christmas in Slovakia

    • No, we didn’t have a Christmas tree, because we wanted to have an eco-friendly Christmas :))

      As for the presents – yes, we exchanged some and it was really, really fun :))

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