Veselé Vianoce a štastný Nový rok!

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas is coming, at last! In Banská Bystrica we can really feel a different atmosphere: the snow, the Christmas market, people drinking medovina and punč and singing in the main square… Some of us even tasted some traditional Slovak Christmas food such as ginger bread, opekance and oblátky. We just love it!

Being here we realised that Christmas is different in every country. So, since we are experiencing the Slovak version, we would like to share with you a bit of our Christmas 🙂

This is a video about a Bulgarian Christmas tradition, called koleduvane, which consists in going from house to house singing Christmas songs on Christmas day. Koledary (the people who sing) are offered presents or money in return. This is a video of the Italian traditional Christmas carol Tu scendi dalle stelle sung by Andrea Bocelli. And this is a video suggested by Dan that makes you feel like Christmas.

So happy Christmas from all of us and you’ll hear from us again in 2013!

Vessy, Manu, Dan and Andy.


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